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Sell now? Or wait until spring?

If you are planning on selling you might very well be wondering if you should get a jump on the competition and sell now or wait until spring when the market is traditionally busier. Here are my thoughts on this conundrum.

Spring time generally does have more buyers but it also generally has more sellers. Many sellers will wait until the spring to sell because they want to hunker down in the winter and not go through the motions for preparing their home for sale when it is cold. Others might be staying in warmer climates and not available to sell from afar. The truth is that there are many reasons why sellers wait. But is that the best thing to do?

The short answer is that the market is unpredictable. Some homes sell quicker than others and some require the right buyer to be looking at the right time. Other homes will sell no matter when they are listed. What we know right now is that homes available for sale are at an all time low. This likely means that selling your home now will result in top dollar. In a few months, things may have changed drastically and there may be a lot more homes for sale. More homes for sale drives your sale price down as the buyers have more choice and are less likely to spend more on your home when another of equal value is available to them.

Closing dates can be set for a few months out giving you lots of time to ride out the winter in your home before you have to move out.

If you would like to discuss your options further and see what your home is worth now, give me a call or book an appointment.

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