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5 up-and-coming neighborhoods

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

There are quite a few active building developments going on in the city right now. If you are looking to purchase a new build, here are some areas to check out.

  1. Moonglo extension. These are located in the south end of town near Robinson lake. The new subdivision is approved for over 500 lots. The homes in this neighborhood are very nice and come with a pretty high price tag.

  2. New Sudbury Nickeldale. Currently being excavated and set for building, this area will have over 200 new homes coming soon. Located off of Montrose and fairly close to Cambrian college.

  3. Lionsgate is the name for the homes being built by Zulich off of Bancroft in Minnow Lake. These homes are second to none where quality is concerned and the same can be said for their price tag.

  4. Out in Garson, there are a couple of new builds happening. Foxborough is the project by Dalron and it is still expanding with 200 lots or so remaining.

  5. In the Valley there are a few different projects on the go or shortly coming up. Nature's Haven off of Oscar is one and Dominion Parc are two to look into.

This link will let you find all of the builds that are going on in and around Sudbury.

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